Septic Arthritis Treatment in NYC

Septic arthritis

Dmitri Petrychenko, MD is here to help patients dealing with septic arthritis and the pain and discomfort it can cause. When it comes to septic arthritis, it tends to be caused by fungus or bacteria. Most often, one big joint like the hip or knee is affected. Some of the time, other joints can be affected, too.

Bacteria tends to spread through the blood, and it can enter the body from an open wound. Regardless of how it happens, the end result is the same: and that is that the patient suffers with pain and inflammation. But you don't have to suffer anymore. We offer septic arthritis treatment in NYC that you can count on. Stem Cell & PRP Injections is a local clinic in New York that wants to help you.

If you are suffering with septic arthritis, call us so we can discuss your options.

Stem Cells for Septic Arthritis Treatment

Stem cells can be used to treat osteochondral damage which results from septic arthritis of the knee. Stem cells can be utilized to replace any damaged cells and can help your immune system fight back. If you’re interested in this type of septic arthritis treatment in NYC, just give us a call. We are the best local clinic in New York, if you ask our patients.

Our goal is to use advanced treatment options to assist our customers. We understand that excessive inflammation and pain can make you want to stay in bed. Being inactive only leads to more health conditions. Stop the problem in its tracks with stem cell therapy. Ask us about using stem cells for septic arthritis treatment.

PRP Injections for Septic Arthritis

PRP (platelet-rich therapy) can be used to take advantage of the natural healing properties of the blood to fix cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone and muscles which have been damaged.

Septic arthritis injection

This is one way that we can help patients suffering with various forms of arthritis. If you have questions regarding PRP injections and how they can help with septic arthritis, just dial our number.

Dmitri Petrychenko, MD is here to ensure you get the help that you need. Perhaps you have already tried other treatment options but found them to be ineffective. We would be happy to discuss your concerns. Stem Cell and PRP Injections has the stem cell Doctor that you are looking for in New York. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience. We want to help you.

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