Stem Cells

Stem cells are specialized cells that are located within the body and they are special because they have not been differentiated yet. What this means is that they do not have a sole purpose in the body. All of our cells in the body work with specific body parts to do specific things.

Stem cells are different in that they do not have a specific role and they can be injected into areas of the body and take on the role of the cells in that area. Patients who do suffer from inflammatory and painful diseases can benefit from stem cell therapy. If you would like to learn more about stem cell therapy in NY, call Stem Cell and PRP Injections today.

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Stem Cell Therapy Available for NYC Patients

Stem cells are very beneficial for patients and they can be used for a number of different reasons. The type and implantation area of stem cells will depend on your ailment and physical condition. Some of the ways stem cells are used include:

  • Stimulate healing in the body. Stem cells work as a regenerative property in the body and this means that the body will regenerate tissues and new, healthy cells with the help of the stem cells.
  • Replace damaged and diseases cells. Stem cells are beneficial because they can generate healthy cells in the body and replace diseased or damaged cells that exist in the body currently.

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Stems Cells: Where Do They Come From?

Stem cells come from different areas of the body from existing human tissues. There are a number of places that stem cells are extracted from and that include:

  • Adult tissues
  • Embryonic cells
  • Genetically engineered
  • Perinatal cells

Stem cells have been thoroughly researched and they continue to undergo studies to determine their effectiveness. Studies have revealed that stem cells are helpful and that they can boost tissue regeneration and healing of the tissues themselves. Stem cells are extremely important and beneficial for cancer patients and those patients who have inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

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